FACE WA was formed in 2017. Its aim is to help men and women achieve their goals to become a beauty queen not only Nationally but Internationally and to provide an opportunity for contestants to embrace and celebrate their Australian and multicultural heritage and to allow their inner and outer beauty to shine through participation in an array of activities designed to celebrate, foster new relationships and understanding of different cultures; and to share our amazing Western Australia with the world.

We take pride in training Australian pageant and models by identifying their talents by developing and improving their self-confidence. Modelling and rampa skills and techniques in pageant rampa and modelling.
Choosing the right wardrobes for the competition and prepare them to be ready to compete on National and International scale.

FaceWA is not just a pageant business it is an opportunity to help people enjoy their beauty and improve their confidence in a positive environment.

Our Goal is to empower Men and Women.

Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw

Our Model

Would you like to be a beauty queen?

We are always looking for fresh talent to represent FACE WA at State, National and International pageants.

To start your journey email us at info@facewa.com.au or facewesternaustralia@gmail.com

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Carter Wilkie
  • Mr. FaceWA Supermodel 2019 3rd Runner Up
Nathan Janssan
  • Mr. FaceWA Supermodel 2019 4th Runner Up
Ramtohul Surya
  • Mr FaceWA Supermodel 2019 2nd Runner Up
Byron Chisholm
  • Mr. FaceWA Supermodel 2019 Winner
Roy Mendoza
  • Mr. FaceWA Supermodel 2019 1st Runner Up
Sarah Llorado
  • FaceWA Runway Grandma Model Australia 2019 Winner
Vicky Smith
  • FaceWA GlamGran 2019 Winner
Alison Gal
  • Mrs. FaceWA 2018 Congeniality
Pearl Yabut
  • FaceWA Most Improved Woman 2019
Ebony Brown
  • Mrs. FaceWA Timeless Beauty 2019 1st Runner Up
Danielle Francesca
  • Mrs. FaceWA Timeless Beauty 2019 2nd Runner Up
Teffany Tayco
  • Mrs. FaceWA Timeless Beauty 2019 3rd Runner Up
Cecilia Stables
  • Mrs. FaceWA Timeless Beauty 2019 Winner
Tiana Tat
  • Miss FaceWA Supermodel 2019 3rd Runner Up
Abby Buenaventura
  • Miss FaceWA Supermodel 2019 1st Runner Up
Kim Albino
  • Miss FaceWA Supermodel 2019 2nd Runner Up
All Models

Myintzu Ring


Brenda Bulatao


Arturo Roberto Soriano

Project manager

Marianne Rom

Face Wa

Contact Us

  • Phone: 0422 225 896 - Helen
  • Email: info@facewa.com.au
  • Address: 11 Clavering Road Bayswater

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