SoloDuoTrioGroup (to be completed by Group Leader)

Contestant Registration Fees (non-refundable): Solo $50 Duo $100 Trio $150 Group (4 or more) $200
Registration deadline: 15 May 2019
Rehearsal: One and final rehearsal at the venue prior to the contest. Date to be advised
Judging Criteria: Choreography 40% / Synchronicity 40% / Costumes Presentation 20%

  • 1 winner trophy/gift certificate per category
  • $1000 winner across all categories combined (In the event of a tie the $1000 will be split evenly)
  • Overall winner will have opportunity to be involved in a movie


  • Contestants must sign FaceWA registration, waiver and pay registration fee.
  • Contestants must provide their own costume and submit the title of the dance and music (one piece only)
  • Contestants must provide their own makeup.
  • Contestants must arrive at the venue 2 hours prior to the show.

No age requirement but parents must sign for solo performers under 18. For teams, the team Coach/Teacher must take responsibility to ensure they have appropriate signatories in place for their under 18 competitors.
I certify to the validity of the above information provided, hereby declare that I/we am/are physically and mentally fit to participate and that entry to FaceWA Filipino Cultural Dance Contest 2019 is voluntary and do hereby agree to abide by and comply with all decisions, rules, regulations, directives, instructions, policies, procedures & guidelines as set forth by the Organisers, both written and verbal. I agree NOT to hold the FaceWA or its officers, directors, partners, judges, or staff members responsible for any damages or liabilities due to theft, damage to personal property, accident or personal injury during or death resulting from my participation and travel in this pageant, except for such damages or injury as may be caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the above mentioned. I also affirm that the information on the official entry form is true to the best of knowledge and belief. I understand any false or misleading information now or any time during participation shall be under full control, auspices and jurisdiction of the FaceWA and all the decisions made by the Directors, & Judges are final. I give FaceWA permission to use photos taken at any prelim rehearsals and official FaceWA event as advertisement for FaceWA marketing materials and upcoming contests/events. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the contents of this waiver.
Joining fee on application Solo $50 Duo $100 Trio $150 Group (4 or more) $200 payable by cash or to National Australia Bank Account.