Our vision is to ensure that we run an organisation that becomes a renowned beauty pageant company not only in Western Australia but nationally and internationally and to provide an opportunity for candidates to embrace and celebrate their Australian and multicultural heritage and to allow their inner and outer beauty to shine through participation in an array of activities designed to celebrate, foster new relationships and understanding of different cultures; and to share our amazing Western Australia with the world.


In order for us to achieve our vision we intend to empower young people, men and women across the state to celebrate their accomplishments, enhance their skills, encourage involvement in community service and to use their platform and leadership to make a difference within their community and globally.


To enhance the natural skills of young people and to encourage involvement in the community by getting involved and giving back through our charitable partnerships both locally and internationally.

To assist candidates to develop leadership skills and empowerment to become leaders and positive role models within their communities through pageant participation and our special projects in the community. We provide a platform whereby candidates can find their social voice and to be able to project issues of concern with a view to presenting a positive image for young people worldwide.

To enhance opportunities and the importance of getting involved and giving back by providing a dedicated international platform of charitable partnerships/givings. As leaders and role models within their communities, our candidates and titleholders work to affect positive change through volunteering and advocacy.


  • Source suitable presenters/trainers to provide information and training for our candidates in but not limited to providing lessons about the importance of community service, being a positive role model, the finer points of etiquette and building a solid respectful personal brand.
  • Provide candidates the opportunity to extend reach and get involved with humanitarian services in the community.
  • Source suitable international pageant opportunities for candidates.

Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw